It features 60,000 radio stations from around the world, it says on the tin. To make sure the device is set to the correct language: Open the Alexa app on your smartphone/tablet Open More and select Settings Select Device Settings Choose the speaker in question Sam Alex is a radio host, television personality, speaker, emcee and podcaster. Sep 26, 2020 10:40 AM in response to beachboy999. to them. These situations are not that rare, and developers are quick to roll out new updates when users complain about these errors. ask a new question. I have even added routines for TuneIn and then iHeartRadio for RNZ National specifically and it still doesnt solve!! I understand your concern and would be more than happy to help look into this issue. Alexa plays wrong station I have been listening to a particular radio station on Alexa for 2 years. You send me an email whenever you have something new to sell. Submit a diagnostic report of your systemto further check it on our end and reply to us with the confirmation number. I've just played it by finding it via Tune-In in the Alexa app. All Live. 2. Where some units provide built-in streaming radio functionality, with the Sony CMT-SX7B this is achieved through Chromecast built-in. Is the radio station that you set in TuneIn that did work is the same station you set in Sonos Radio? Which Google Home devices are experiencing this issue? Press J to jump to the feed. Looks like no ones replied in a while. Prior to IOS 14, I had no problem. Its a shame since I used to stream my college basketball Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. It doesnt provide this content itself but acts as an indexer (audio guide service, according to TuneIn) for those looking to access third-party streams. From Sonoss vantage point, TuneIn may be a separate entity. So, if youre sure that the app is not at fault here, just remove the power from your device and power it up one more time. Siri fetches wrong radio station every time, User profile for user: After many days of attempts, I started saying the same thing but instead of asking her to play it on TuneIn, I asked to play it through iheart and it got me to the same content I was looking for. However, if the issue remains, then you should try clearing all app data, and there is a high chance your issue will be resolved. DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. I ask it to play Greatest Hits Radio or Greatest Hits Radio Surrey but I always get GHR Bucks,Becks and Herts. Streema already has over 70,000 stations in its database and is still open to accepting even more. I have a Sonos One in my office, a Play 1 in my bedroom and kitchen and a beam and 2xOnes in the TV room. (Ive not been in the mood to be disappointed) Ill try it tomorrow morning. TuneIn in the US has removed the recording capability in the app.assuming it was also part of the lawsuit. The wrong radio station plays when I tune a station using Tune In. )., Enter the radio station in the search box by call sign (WHOG) and station number or frequency (95.7) and tap, Select the station from the results and tap to. Let us know if you still need anything. iHeartRadio Help. I noticed this starring to happen earlier this year starting with Radio Paradise, then JB Radio 2 and now SomaFM. Today, the High Court of England Wales handed down its decision and it doesnt look good for TuneIn. Sunday Baroque with Suzanne Bona is a celebration of beloved and appealing music from the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to . So frustrating because Alexa shows RNZ National as the Now Playing station so she seems to have found the correct feed! I still remember SONY fighting against MP3. 5. (Explained), Lutron Caseta Vs Philips Hue (Differences Between Lutron Caseta And Philips Hue). Music. The top country music hits debuting on Billboards Hot Country Singles chart. So back at you tune in. This issue is happening to me as well. I wanted to follow up and ensure you are good to go. Is it also okay if you try to check it with a different music service to isolate the problem? My Roon setup is 783 running on a QNAP Nas and trying to play to the play the station on the local desktop which is a Win10 Machine. Try streaming a video or opening a website in your . On a pre-set alarm, Sonos chime would play instead of a radio station. There is no harm in trying out a different router to further isolate the issue. I have both Google Home and Amazon Alexa, as well as Siri on my phone and . We switch it up on the weekends. Home. Get The Bolt Cutters | 03-03-2023. Thanks, I will take an in depth look at that tomorrow. Forget it! Got 7 Sonos speakers and now cant listen to 50% of the stations I want. Thanks for getting back to us. She's also an expertly-tuned speaker that can fill any room with immersive sound. The new quality here is that they effectively try to shut down parts of the internet functionality that were unquestionable until now. It can still be made to work, but that takes a certain level of cyber-literacy. On my sonos system i would prefer Sonos Radio better than Tunein. 2023 Hearst UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 30 Panton Street, Leicester Square, London, SW1Y 4AJ. Very annoying particularly using Car Play as wrong station is played necessitating manual selection and taking eyes off the road. Im located in the United States. set up your own list of stations with the URL. Gotta love the internet, so easy to block stuff. HomePods are the most frustrating tech Ive ever owned. Doing this wont take up much of your time, and there is a high chance your issue will be fixed. Hugo Duncan hosts the show with all the best from the world of country music, from old favourites to new country. I have been using Home mini's (generation I and II), and Home hub (generation 1) for 2-3 years and have experienced an evolution of problems asking for the same local FM radio station. also if I ask it to play to the speaker group it says something went wrong yet I can touch the screen and successfully select the speaker group I want. So far this has worked. Hopefully, that will get everything in order with your smart system. This ruling has the potential for dangerous consequences for anyone who listens to radio or even listens to or watches content online. Asking Siri to play podcast stations is something I use all the time.I've emailed Apple, waiting on a reply. A major feature of the product has been devalued at least for UK customers. Try asking Alexa play (radio station) on Tunein. Google has been no help in their customer service, often pretending they don't even know what you are talking about. I am reasonably tech literate so will probably be able to pull together some kind of workaround but I am concerned that some less tech-savvy users may become disenchanted and lose out on the enrichment that was previously available. We provide different types of interior services like Exterior Designing, Interior Designing, and Modern Designing. It involves creating a routine (which didnt work) but the routine points to a DIFFERENT station on TuneIn which is the same stream. Still time to register today: 36th Annual (Virtual) Winter SWL Fest this weekend! Your Music. But when I tried to record I got the following pop-up: Due to applicable law and licensing restrictions, we Keep us posted here. Unsubscribe at any time. Also, have another older device which won't update to IOS 14 and this fetches Times Radio every time. Additionally, we always try to include links to other retail options if they are available, as we support and freely advertise independent ham radio retailers. RADIO, YOUR WAY Listen to all the live news, sports, music, podcasts and radio you love, from around the worldall on the TuneIn app. The TuneIn issue affects even stations that are broadcasting within the British Isles, such as Manx Radio on the Isle of Man. Apologies again for the delayed reply. WSKG's podcasts and radio streams are also available at your convenience through the WSKG app, ALEXA, the NPR One app, TuneIn, iHeart, and Google Nest. games and record them. I recently began to have this issue. Go into your skill settings and remove the TuneIn skill from your application. The two Channel Island commercial stations (Channel 103 Jersey and Island FM Guernsey) are also blocked, despite being (sort of) UK services licensed by the UK regulator, Ofcom. TuneIn is one of the most prominent and recognizable providers of radio content in the world. I have an Echo Dot in the room too for backup, set to use the Sonos speaker as the default media player, so if I get impatient with Google Assistant I just tell Alexa to play News 1130, and it works more reliably and much faster than Google Assistant running on the Sonos speaker. 3. Surely. I stop the chime physically on the Play 1 and then use the app to select a radio station. Listen to Worldwide FM, a str BBC Radio 6 BBC (My guess is that the sports station changed something and it now uses a name that's similar to our local station and the last change wins when looking up a station.). Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited, Restart your Home Pod and reboot your modem & router, How to Listen to Local FM & AM Radio Stations on Your, 20 + Radio Stations you can play on your HomePod starting, iOS 13 or iPadOS problems and how to fix them -, 17 Apple Music tips that will rock your listening world, The best iOS apps that are compatible with Apple CarPlay, What to do if a song is not currently available in your, How to play podcasts continuously in iOS 13-11 & iPadOS with, These top 10 Shortcuts will amp up your Apple Music, 20 + Radio Stations you can play on your HomePod starting now, HomePod Stereo Setup Not Working? If youve updated the proxy settings directly through the router portal, then your only fix is to reset the device. Im willing to bet UK users of other streaming media devices and smart speakersespecially devices from companies who arent in the business of directly streaming copyrighted musicwill eventually have a smaller selection of international content. Were your devices able to play the requested stationbefore? Actually the stations name is NPO 3FM but that's not a choice only 3FM in the list. Tunein Radio Station is supported via SIRI cmand on the Homepod. I gave up trying to say just the right phrase for Siri to play my favourite stations, as it was so frustrating. Now Im stuck with the terrible UK stations, all playing the same stuff ( I can only handle so much brit pop and bad 90s pop dance music absolute radio 90s). but it plays all other radio stations. All your focus should be on isolating the issue with the network connection or the Alexa device. You can set a sleep timer Press J to jump to the feed. With 170.000 + radio stations, nobody will miss some 30.000 disappeared stations in Apple Music. So, to fix this, you should reboot your router and then try using the smart skill. Weve got the same problem we used to be able to simply say Play Greatest Hits Radio Leeds and West Yorkshire and it was fine but pretty quickly it started giving us GH Sheffield or North West (Manchester) We then tried saying GH North Yorkshire and that was fine for a while but it is now giving us GH North East (Newcastle). Wish I could go in to Tunein and block this incorrect radio station from playing at least then I might get the one Im asking for! Not on Tunein on tablet or smartphone or even PC, just from Stupid Alexa. Our team is already checking on this and working on a fix. Reply Helpful beachboy999 Level 1 (76 points) myTuner Radio, where you can play over 50,000 stations from 200+ areas Simple Radio, which features over 40,000 local and international stations Radio Anchor, which supports foreign broadcast stations such as CBC, All Times India, etc. But can you play it using voice commands? Im curious if Im still available. I have not specified which radio app the Google Max should use in the settings as I am not sure how to. The judgment begins by stating the opposing positions of the labels and TuneIn, which are particularly familiar in these types of disputes concerning hyperlinking. Sam Alex Podcast. Google and PlayMusic services and equipment; and YouTube Music have worked very well for me generally, but it is only the Google Assisted radio commands that have been the most problems because something is obviously changing and Google won't tell us what, where, why and how we can use their service and equipment. Tap Personal Requests and toggle it off for your HomePod. Pay for VPN etc. It is a free service, but you can upgrade to a premium account to access more features. I tell Alexa play the answer Pittsburgh through TuneIn radio Alexa responds playing the answer Chicago on TuneIn radio. It only recently started doing this. I want the functionality that the product promises. It is always possible that the errors are related to the network connection and not your Alexa unit. Im sure Ill find them. This appears to be a recent development according to some of the threads I have been following, but I'm not sure it is. Plenty of discussion elsewhere on the web about that, but in short its scandalous not to be able to listen to something that you pay a license fee for. My Google nest audio and other Google devices have started playing different radio stations from what I request, if for example I ask it to "Play Absolute Radio" instead it plays Absolute 80s, Absolute 90s or Absolute Classic Rock. Last Update: Mar 3 2018 3:07pm It is possible that some stations stream using audio formats not supported by the Windows 10 platform. It should work with sonos' own radio service. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. when I started to play absolute radio this morning on my google mini speaker before it started there was a long message from absolute radio saying that this way of streaming was stopping in the next few days and I would have to find an alternative way to listen to the radio station. I wanted to follow up and see if you are still in need of any help with your device playing the wrong station? Since a few minutes ago I'm experiencing problems with Siri on my MacBook Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. Thanks Abigail , on returning from holiday yesterday I tried to get my favourite station , then others , all were not available in my country of Scotland yet some were British . 2. That is not great to hear that your Google Assistant is not playing the requested radio station. This worked for a few days and then reverted to the same problem. No better here, in fact its worse in that it won now play GH North Yorkshire or South Yorkshire let alone West Yorkshire . Not that I listen to adverts anyway! The Echo stopped working for some, but the Dot continues to work for those same stations. Reading this thread reinforces my sceptical view of gadgets which offer technology for the sake of it. Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. They want New York to enact a measure called the Good Cause Eviction Law. I find Im using this app a lot more often than TuneIn. Many of our links now function as affiliate links. For my part if I ask my Google Nest Max Hub to play Greatest Hits Radio North Yorkshire it plays GH Radio North East. Check out this article David shared from November 2019 when the ruling originally took place: In 2017, Sony and Warner sued US-based radio service TuneIn, claiming the company infringed its copyrights in the UK. So, make sure to do your part. Albany is one of a . Alarm station is set to 3FM but random dutch station are playing atalarm. Now, theres only one. Having the same problem, trying to play Radio Caroline. To get started, just set up your AirPlay 2-compatible speakers in the Home app. Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, David, who writes: I live in the UK and, like many of your readers and contributors, one of the aspects of the radio hobby I enjoy is content DXing. However, if youre having issues in getting the TuneIn skills to work with your Amazon Alexa, then here are a few troubleshooting methods that might help you sort out this issue. /r/AmazonEcho is a community centered around the Amazon Echo, or as we like to call her - Alexa. The claimants say that a finding for the defendant will fatally undermine copyright. However when I went to the TuneIn app and checked it out, the RNZ National stream DOES play RNZ National, and the RNZ Concert stream plays the concert stream. With TuneIn, stream local AM/FM stations (plus 100,000+ global stations) on all your devices, plus live news, game-winning sports coverage, music for every mood, podcasts for every passion,. So for you I recommend creating a scene called Proton Streaming (avoid using the word radio it confuses Siri long story). I purchased Home speakers and Google Music (now YouTube Music) subscriptions primarily for a good alternative broadcast radio reception, but am soo frustrated right now; purchasing home radios so I can listen to what I want to hear, sounds like an easy answer. All of the stations mentioned work fine here in Ireland so you know what to set your VPNs to but not sure if People can set VPN in their internet radios ? 1-800-MY-APPLE, or, Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support, Sales and Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Just went to the Tune-In Pro app on my phone and it was still there. Try listening to the station again shortly. Caroline. 5. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content! You can tune many of the receivers in that to listen to receiver local AM stations too. Just checking to see if you were able to see my response above. is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee by means of advertising and linking to products. (model name, generation number), What app/company are you using for your radio service? Hi @fintrepid, thanks for reaching out here with us and sharing your feedback. Most other stations I've tried will tune to the appropriate stations from its call sign, except this WVIA which happens to be the local NPR station I've listened to for years and of which I am a member. Apple disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site. If anyone has any suggestions to this evolving problem except buying over the air receiving radios, I am all ears. allusions in the ransom of red chief,