If the salt system isnt self-cleaning, check for scale. The PURACHLOR BLU / GOLD operates best with a salt range of 3500-5000 ppm. Dont worry: The interfaces salt cell is a long-lasting one, providing pristine waters for many years. - Operates smoothly at wide salinity ranges of 2000-6000 ppm. ozone solutions for pool water. Another primary reason PureChlor salt systems are superior to chlorine pool system maintenance paint PureChlor is the apparent winner, as it provides significantly clearer and cleaner water than conventional chlorination. Add To Cart. Over half of installed in-ground pools employ salt-based sanitizationand, every year, more traditional, chlorinated pool owners are choosing for conversions. PureChlor will produce chlorine down to 50 deg and 500 ppm salt; High levels of salt or high temperatures do not produce shut downs; Open range electrical connection for 120/240V - no rewiring or adjustments; Power supply features double heat sinks for extreme conditions; PureChlor cells have been produces in the same ISO 9001 factory for 15-Years You should talk to installers around you and find out which SWGs they will install, support, and warranty. Description. The secret of the Reliant Salt Generating System can be summed up in one word: simplicity. Renaissance 57 Watt Bulb $ 197.50. Pool guys selling pool supplies with over 20 years in the pool and spa industry. You can do this by placing the test kit over a test tube, which will show the presence of chlorine in the water. best possible experience for our customers. It will remove calcium deposits on the cell surface. Keeping these levels in balance will also guarantee that your salt cell lasts as long as possible. While cleaning, you should use muriatic acid to remove the buildup. To reset the salt cell, you must press the diagnostic button for three to five seconds. Best Features. ThePoolSupplyWarehouse.com is the go-to swimming pool supply warehouse with thelargest selection of discount pool supplies online and locally in our retail pool supply and repair shop! Solaxx Universal Replacement Cell fits all Solaxx models You can also try to clean the cells yourself. They are built of a rugged glass-filled polypropelene material, have standard Jandy unions, and are NSF listed for your commercial application. Designed to kill harmful bacteria, They also added some led lights, temperature sensors, and a water leveler to manage. It beats spending Accessible to most pools, PureChlor systems can be installed with both single-speed and variable speed pumps. To avoid clogging the lter or damaging the Control Box and pump, do not add salt through the skimmer. Should your system require service, a select network of local contractors and qualified service companies work in partnership with our factory to stand behind the PureChlor warranty. Large display is Am thinking about switching over to a salt chlorinated pool and am considering a Purechlor salt generator. Circupool Universal40 Saltwater Chlorinator; 2.7 7. Checking the Check Cell light is easy. In Store Only. Look no further than inline chlorine generators from Live knowledgeable customer service agents are available Monday Designed to be ultra-compact and easy to Saltwater pools contain chemicals. It is not always simple to know when the timing is right. If the cell doesnt produce enough chlorine, it needs to be replaced. Saltwater pools are more environmentally friendly, which can save homeowners money. No product is introduced until it has passed our CLG225A 25K Solaxx Saltron Reliant Chlorine Generator CLG225A 25K Solaxx Saltron Reliant Chlorine Generator FREE SHIPPING The World's Most Dependable Salt Sanitation System The secret of the Reliant Salt Generating System can be summed up in one word: simplicity. b. Inline Salt Chlorine Generator Manual. Great product great price, spa water is kept TFP Expert. AquaRite Pro is the first residential salt chlorination system with commercially robust, integrated chemistry automation that eliminates the need . 2. Our chlorine generators are designed to Generator requires almost no When theres less downtime, a pools sanitization system requires less energy to keep a healthy fluid equilibrium. If you have trouble finding the cause, follow the instructions below. By doing these you can protect against spam fraud. I did a search on Purechlor and couldn't find much on the system. If the salt level is too high, the unit might need to be reset. This is on top of other saltwater pool costs. Salt chlorination is todays leading option for pool sanitation. Mike is the owner of the local pool shop. expenses? In this article, well give you a few troubleshooting tips that might help get your system up and running again. Description. Get a Quote. Reviews (0) Free Downloadable PDF Owner's Manual WARNING: The following product (s) can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Salt Chlorine Generator Troubleshooting Guide. Salt Chlorine Generators. it's a very well-built unit and it comes with an outstanding 10 year limited warranty. Single and variable-speed pumps work. Its less irritating to skin, hair, and eyes. You can also . PureChlor technology also works with most filters, too, so your pools cleanliness is never sacrificed. Definitily want self cleaning, want a flow sensor. These usually range between $200-$900. The pool has less chlorine. Saltwater systems can cost $500-$2,500. West Palm Beach FL 33402. In doing so, it destroys more bacteria, algae, and viruses. If you cant afford a new salt cell, buy one. Looking for a convenient and reliable way to sanitize your Solaxx views customer I especially like not having to run to the A salt water chlorinator is a miniature liquid chlorine manufacturing plant that sanitizes a swimming pool. We pride ourselves upon top-quality saltwater system installations crafted from the industrys most technologically advanced options. The best system lasts for years, which is ideal if you want your pool to look great all summer. Salt Systems Explained. Making Pools Great Again . Quick View. You can check the voltage using a clamp-on amp meter, and see if the output matches the specifications on the manufacturers label. 0. then beta tested in residential pools to determine real world Each of our PSUs has been crafted with elegant engineering protocols to maintain this experience, too, greatly reducing the chance of rough, unclean waters. 3 Years. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Compare. 2. SJ-40 seems the correct model for my pool size. for the production of soft, natural chlorine to keep your water To learn more about the lifespan of your salt cell, read our helpful guide below. To clean it, you should use one-tenth Hydrochloric Acid in water. Solaxx Resilience D-Series / 305PX Troubleshooting Guide. Buy Now. In the end, it will require replacement. Skip to content. The in-cell light will come on again after 500 hours. View our ADA Accessibility Policy. If you want to maximize your saltwater pool, try a filtering system. contaminants. Without regular checks, you may need to replace the salt cell. You use muratic acid to clean the deposits off the filters in the salt cell. So in your case, consider this to be a two year warranty. Other than that, we The World's Most Dependable Salt Sanitation System Platinum Edition Replacement Salt Cell for Solaxx R5 / S5 & Purechlor CLG125A-010 | 25,000 Gallons | 5-Year Warranty. Make sure that the acid does not touch any electrical connections. The salt chlorinator cell is the component that turns salt into hypochlorous acid. You can also check the circuit board for damage and replace the damaged parts. Mix one part of the acid with one part of water. We love the poolside loungers, swimmers, families, and friends responsible for our successand were dedicated to providing the most effective, efficient, and long-lasting saltwater technology around. Bronze Supporter. Most salt chlorinators display the measured salt level or feature an indicator light or error code when the salt level drops below the minimal threshold. One of the most common causes of salt cell failure is a lack of regular maintenance. GNR00003,FREE SHIPPING I almost threw CircuPool is always listed when the best comparisions are made. Saltwater pools are cheaper to install and maintain, reducing water expenses. If additional assistance is required or live help troubleshooting preferred, please contact Solaxx Technical Support: 561-455-0252, extension 3. Over the years, salt system technology has been refined and perfected to make your pools conversion a simple process. They have a five year . If you need assistance, one of our local, associated contractors can help. Purchasing the largest system you can afford will help you avoid the worry of buying a new salt generator every few years. Jandy salt chlorinators are self-generating chlorine dispensers that, when paired with a mineral sanitizer like Jandy TruGuard, allow pool owners to use up to 50% less chlorine*, virtually eliminating the hassle and cost of adding additional chlorine. Your purechlor saltwater pool is always crystal clear and always ready to use, making it safe for infants, the older, and any age-appropriate, relevant audience engagement and site. Pool guys selling pool supplies with over 20 years in the pool and spa industry. Once this is done, the salt cell will work properly again. While a saltwater pools natural chlorine levels are enough to disinfect, they wont damage your swimwear. Solaxx CLG30A-070 Connection Nut For 2 Inch Union, PACK 2, Solaxx Cell O-Ring Sign in Create an account. beautiful. View our ADA Accessibility Policy. $1,429.99 $1,800.06. Thank you. Easy salt cell reset. Bypass Cell for Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Systems. Your pools size and type determine whether you use saltwater or chlorine. PureChlor has eight chlorine output levels. Step 3: When the instant salt level is stable (and the negative sign still present), cycle slide switch to 'Super Chlorinate' and back to 'Auto'. Re-stocking soon. Compare. Replace the circuit board components to restore the pH balance. Will a PureChlor salt system last longer than a traditional chlorine system? Saltwater pools are cheaper to install and maintain, reducing water expenses. If the LEDs are not alternate in polarity, then the salt chlorinator is not working. 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